In Search of the Lost Light

In Search of the Lost Light

Willy O’Shea is a baby boomer whose wonderful and successful life has suddenly fallen apart. He has lost everything he thought was important. Willy thought he had finally hit rock bottom - and then it got worse.

From the darkest days imaginable, he begins the seemingly impossible work of finding the missing light of inspiration that will guide him as he searches for how to start a new life for himself. In this journey, Willy begins to discover pathways to abundance he never knew existed.

This is Willy’s story—as he goes In Search of the Lost Light. Could it be your story too?

Wow! Shift Happens!

WOW! Shift Happens!

WOW! Shift Happens! is a workbook Inspired by the spiritual journey of Willy O'Shea described in the novel In Search of the Lost Light.

As you immerse yourself in the exercises within, you will discover that you already have everything you need to have the best life that you possibly can. The questions throughout this workbook will help you identify the obstacles in your life that may be blocking you from living the very best version of you that is possible.

Every day, somebody somewhere finds new results in their life. Today, let that person be you!

The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

When Jacob O'Leary walks the beautiful streets of Charleston, SC one morning, he finds himself in the midst of a centuries old, often bloody, feud between two of the city's most powerful families.

Someone has been murdered and a substantial sum of money is missing. Jacob is a suspect, and the real killers are after him.

As a hurricane approaches the city, Jacob takes his sailboat to an isolated safe haven where he believes he is alone and only has the storm to worry about. But, after the storm, his life will never be the same.

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